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If you’ve been injured in an accident, whether on the road or at work, you deserve dedicated legal help. With our 35 combined years of experience serving the Texas community in personal injury cases, Rudy Castillo Law Firm can help you fight for the compensation your injuries need and deserve today.

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There are several different ways to fight for your compensation after an injury, but not every one is the most effective for your particular situation. When you work with us, we’ll provide accurate evaluations of your case to determine your best legal strategy for the best result. With effective communication between us and you, together we’ll build a solid case that meets your needs.

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– Auto accidents

– Truck accidents

– Motorcycle accidents

– Work accidents

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We strive to make every effort to communicate effectively with our clients by personal visit, correspondence, phone and emails. Prompt communication is important in conveying information that is useful and often critical to understanding and responding to client needs